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The Winter Blues

Most of us know the feeling. The days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and we just can’t seem to get motivated. For some, this time of year can be especially difficult. Known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), this type of depression typically arrives in… Read More »The Winter Blues

Balancing Act

Coping with Anxiety During COVID

As we teeter on a fence, on one side tightening restrictions and on the other things loosening and a push to “go back to normal,” many people are feeling increased anxiety and, with it, increased confusion about how to cope and how they “should“ feel.

selective focus photography of man's reflection on a broken mirror

The Pitfalls of Perfectionism

There are many people that from the outside looking in appear to be living their best lives. Yet for many of those people the reality is that their picture perfect life is just an illusion.

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