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Concierge Psychology


Concierge Psychology offers Virtual Visits for your convenience (read more HERE)

Boutique Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

If your status, lifestyle, or employment do not allow you to seek out traditional psychology services in a crowded therapy office, concierge therapy and life coaching is for you. Concierge Psychology provides VIP counseling and psychotherapy to the most elite members of society. Your own premier Los Angeles psychologist has no busy waiting room, and no insurance records means no concerns about your privacy being violated. Concierge treatment at its best, patients can visit the private boutique office or opt for on-call, in-home or mobile therapy allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own home while becoming the best you that you can be.

Dr. Osei
I wanted to do more than just build a practice where anyone could feel safe and comfortable getting the support they need, I wanted to build a practice that reflected the same level of luxury and service you expect in other areas of your life.

Your premier provider of psychotherapy and coaching in California, Concierge Psychology was founded by Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei, a licensed Psychologist, therapist and life coach. As one of the first concierge doctors of psychology, she built a practice that can integrate with your concierge medicine team to help you be and feel your best. Begin your journey now - therapy in LA has never been this easy.

Services are available on-call in a variety of settings. This allows Dr. Johnson Osei and her team to utilize an integrative approach to therapy that might otherwise be limited by the confines of a typical therapy office. While all psychotherapy performed at Concierge Psychology is rooted in evidence-based practices, no two clients are treated the same. Welcome to truly personalized treatment.

​Boutique Office and Mobile Options​

Services may be provided at a location of your choosing or at our conveniently located office in Westlake Village. Phone and secure video sessions are also available.

Rates vary by provider and treatment modality. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, credit and debit card. Monthly VIP rates are also available.

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