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Business Consulting

Advertising/Customer Acquisition and Retention

  • Do you want to connect better with your clientele?
  • Have you wondered if there is anything you can do to attract more customers to your business, increase sales, or improve customer satisfaction?
  • Are you thinking about starting or altering an advertising campaign and want to ensure it appeals to your potential consumers?

Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei utilizes her training and personal business experience to help you better identify, reach and retain your target audience by assisting you to:

  • Clarify your business goals
  • Clearly identify your target audience
  • Develop strategies to improve customer experience
  • Develop strategies to generate new customer leads and identify sources of potential new customers/clients
  • Design and implement customer-friendly strategies specific to your identified consumer base.

Employee Relations

  • Would you like to improve employee output and/or motivation?
  • Are you concerned that relations between employees might be hindering your business?
  • Would you like your staff to be optimally trained to interact with your consumers to improve customer satisfaction and improve retention and referral rates?
  • Are you seeking new employees and would like assistance selecting the candidate that best fits your needs?
  • Are you concerned about employee burnout?

Drawing from appropriate psychological theories, Dr. Osei can help to make sure you are getting the best possible results from your employees. From helping you alter the work environment to increase productivity, to smoothing employee relations and increasing customer satisfaction through employee customer-service training, Dr. Osei will help ensure that each of your staff add to the success of your business.

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