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Self Care for the Holiday

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When you think of the holidays, do you think of laughter, happiness and good cheer? Or do you
think of dread, loneliness, and sadness? Often times we compare ourselves to others and when
our experiences don’t match up with what we see in the media, we are filled with self doubt, or
reflect more on the negative thoughts of comparison. Maybe instead, give yourself the gift of
media free time to restore and reflect on what is important to you. This time of year we are
compelled to do more, give more, and be more. But what if that is not possible and you need
more time to be you more? I say that it is ok to do and in fact, that’s what the doctor ordered.

It’s important to know that we can say no or in fact, it is better to give yourself the gift of
moderation in your time, energy, and resources. Sometimes the stress and anxieties of the
holidays may creep up and we may feel compelled to be there for everyone and everything, but
sometimes we just need a moment to ourselves to reflect, recuperate, and relax. So, if you find
yourself rushing to the next event or overscheduling your activities for this season, be selective
in how you want to spend your time.

Sometimes you may find yourself lonely or feeling down. If you are feeling that way, make a
point to reach out to a friend to schedule a coffee date to catch up or a phone call to check in
with someone. What’s important is that you are taking action for yourself to manage these
feelings. So this holiday season, give yourself the gift of self -care. Research supports the daily
routine of looking at nature or being outdoors to give your brain a boost of serotonin to
support overall mood. So the next time you are feeling slow or down in energy, schedule a
walk with a friend to be there for you or make it a point to get out doors. If that doesn’t seem
to be enough, there is always professional help a phone call away.

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