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Let’s Be Honest!!!

person wearing black and red hoodie holding smoke bomb

In the spirit of striving to be our best selves, let’s take a moment for some honest assessment and self-reflection. Are you the source of a toxic relationship or the victim in this matter?

Here’s some food for thought:  Many sources define a toxic relationship as one that leaves you feeling unsupported, disrespected, controlled, demeaned or attacked, among other destructive behaviors. The source of toxicity in a relationship can be family, friends, or other loved ones, including romantic relationships.

If you were to think about the dynamics of your relationships, what conclusions might you draw? Are you or someone in your life hypercritical, constantly issuing put downs, and focusing more on weaknesses than strengths? Does the relationship include ongoing accusations and distrust? Is there guilting, manipulating, the creation of barriers to communication, and general relationship sabotage? What about unyielding contempt? These feelings and behaviors are dangerous, poisonous, and highly contagious.

It is imperative to stop the damage and the spread now and to focus on the restoration of self-health and relationship health. No one is perfect or does the right thing at all time. But again, it is important to be honest, accept responsibility when it’s yours, be vigilant about signs of toxicity, and never fail to take action to improve or end the relationship. If you can’t do it alone, seek professional help. Remember: respect, empathy, kindness, patience, and open communication can be powerful cures. So, Let’s Be Honest–Kill the poison, seek the antidotes, and above all, do not perpetuate toxic relationships!

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