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Dr. Elena

Elena Dobbs, MBA, PhD, PsyD

Dr. Elena Dobbs is a bilingual neuropsychologist, and able to provide therapy and testing in English or Spanish. Dr. Dobbs holds an MBA from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, a MS from Troy State University, a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Barry Dominican University, and a PsyD in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University. She specializes in Hypnotherapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, is a certified Imago Therapy Specialist for couples, is a registered Neurofeedback Therapist for PTSD, and is a certified Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Specialist and EMDR Specialist. 

Dr. Dobbs helps clients overcome challenges and traumatic events that affect self-esteem, shame, guilt, and interpersonal developments. She utilizes an evidence-based, multicultural, eclectic, and collaborative approach in her sessions. She specializes in Internal Family Systems and neurofeedback to effectively treat trauma and PTSD symptoms, as well as anxiety, depression, and stress. Utilizing Imago Therapy, which focuses on improving communication and compassion for oneself and one’s partner, she can effectively guide her clients through relational issues such as communication and parenting issues, separation and divorce, and life’s important transitions and has effectively helped many patients tackle self-worth and self-evaluation issues. 

Dr. Dobbs has extensive experience working with emergency service personnel, Military Veterans and their Families, and the Intelligence Community. She has specialized expertise in preparing service members and their families for separated tours and reintegration into their families and communities after deployment and critical incidents.

As an experienced neuropsychologist, Dr. Dobbs specializes in offering comprehensive online evaluations for ADHD, Autism and Learning Difficulties, and can guide clients through most accommodations processes in educational or organizational systems. She has published several books and workbooks on Neuro Cognitive Rehabilitation, and her Neuro Cognitive Rehabilitation system was purchased and is currently utilized by the government of Spain, where it is used to train neuropsychologists specializing in this area.

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My Mission

For me, it is vital that you feel heard and supported all times, without judgment. Together, we will strategize how to best cope with daily stressors effectively and easily. I can help you leave the past behind through self-forgiveness and by creating a much more positive present, and thus, future. Often, we talk to ourselves in very negative ways and this determines our reactions and limitations, as well as our worldview. I will help you radically improve your self-esteem and take on each day’s challenges feeling strong and at peace with yourself.

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